Miami Oklahoma Drug Attorneys

Oklahoma has instituted some of the most aggressive laws in the country when it comes to possession and distribution of drugs. If you have been arrested and charged with a drug offense, you need an equally aggressive defense attorney.

There are numerous laws and regulations that police officers must adhere to when they confiscate drugs and make an arrest. We investigate every aspect of your arrest to determine whether your constitutional rights were violated. In cases where the drugs were illegally seized, we can prevent the prosecution from presenting it as evidence, which often results in the prosecution being unable to prove its case. Speak with our Miami Oklahoma Drug Attorneys to obtain an opinion regarding your specific case.

There is a great deal at stake, and risking your criminal defense can have lasting consequences. Even a misdemeanor conviction for drug possession can impact the rest of your life, including serious consequences to your career. A drug conviction for a juvenile can be doubly damaging. Criminal convictions can impact one’s ability to enter college or the military, obtain employment or even get insurance. We have extensive experience in drug cases and other criminal defense matters.

We also help clients resolve drug charges through diversionary programs. Prosecutors often reduce charges for first-time offenders and allow them to avoid a jail sentence if they agree to enter treatment for drug addiction. It is important to hire a lawyer who is familiar with these diversionary programs, the options they provide and who is eligible for them.

Possession is generally defined as having custody of narcotics such as cocaine, marijuana, opium or other controlled substance. In some areas, individuals can also be arrested for possession without actually having custody of a controlled substance at all. In many cases a person has been arrested and charged for being around an illegal substance. The law treats this as “constructive possession”. To consult with experienced Miami Oklahoma Drug Attorneys, contact our firm for a free consultation.

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