About Us

Our clients, as diverse as they are, all have one common goal: to obtain aggressive legal representation, whether they are physically injured, charged with a serious criminal offense, planning for their estate, or have a family law matter.

The attorney-client relationship begins with the initial consultation. At this meeting we will review the facts of each case and the client’s legal problems, and we will clearly explain what is expected of the client and, in turn, what the client can expect from us.

With investigation, case development, and mediation, every case does not go to trial. But when a trial is necessary, our clients know they will receive focused and aggressive representation.

We realize that for many clients, this is their first experience with the legal system, and it can be very intimidating and confusing.  Our mission is to zealously represent each of our clients’ interests, to step clients through each complex legal step so that they have a full understanding of the law involved, allowing the client to make intelligent decisions, and to do everything in our power to ensure that justice is done for our clients in every case.

Andrew Doney, Miami OK Attorney
Andrew Doney
Matt Whalen, Miami OK Attorney
Matt Whalen